Directions: Look at the picture of the volcano below. Describe how each picture in the, “box changes the earths surface caused by Volcanic eruption.”, nonsense answer will be reported.

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Directions: Look at the picture of the volcano below. Describe how each picture in the

box changes the earths surface caused by Volcanic eruption.

nonsense answer will be reported.​



1. Plants are destroyed over a wide area, during an eruption. The good thing is that volcanic soil is very rich, so once everything cools off, plants can make a big comeback! They can also die from famine, forest fires, and earthquakes caused by or related to eruptions.

2. A sporadic volcanic eruption produces sudden cooling impact over the ocean surface, and as the eruption event is over, the upper ocean begins to absorb more solar radiation, interacts with the quickly recovering atmosphere, and warms. However, the volcanic cooling signal penetrates down towards the deep ocean.

3. Further effects are the deterioration of water quality, fewer periods of rain, crop damages, and the destruction of vegetation. During volcanic eruptions and their immediate aftermath, increased respiratory system morbidity has been observed as well as mortality among those affected by volcanic eruptions.

Ashes- If inhaled, volcanic ash can cause breathing problems and damage the lungs. Inhaling large amounts of ash and volcanic gases can cause a person to suffocate. Suffocation is the most common cause of death from a volcano. Volcanic ash is very difficult to clean up.

4. Volcanic ash is made of tiny fragments of jagged rock, minerals, and volcanic glass. Ash is a product of explosive volcanic eruptions.

Effect on business- Like other natural emergencies, volcanic ashfalls are unplanned events that can affect businesses. Ashfall often leads to a temporary shutdown of business operations (hours to days or longer), and may cause physical damage to buildings, equipment, computers, machinery, vehicles, inventory and supplies.

5. Ash deposits will absorb a considerable amount of water before being eroded and washed away. When ash on roads becomes wet, the mud-like mixture can cause vehicles to lose traction and drivers to lose control of steering. During such conditions, the braking ability of vehicles may be significantly reduced.


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